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This artistic research programme focuses on finding new biomaterials and developing new theoretical and practical understandings of how to live in the precarity of the future that has always been now. By engaging artists and designers with DIY biology, biohacking, life science and speculative ways and methods of working with living bodies, the programme focuses on developing ecologically and critically engaged art and design practice.

Symbiosis of theory and practice

During lecture discussions, readings and workshops, the programme goes into problems, methods and ideas as they arise within the life sciences, philosophy, ethics and ecology. The goal of BIO MATTERs is to bring new methodologies and ways of thinking into the artistic and design realm where difficult yet urgent ecological and aesthetic questions are critically researched through material practice. This allows urgent questions to be raised hands-on, when we immediately experience our role and responsibility before the living bodies we create with.


Dr. Agnieszka Anna Wołodźko is head of the programme. She has a background in philosophy of art, art and science relations, posthumanism and new materialism. During the programme, she gives lectures and practical workshops that complement each other and guide students in their research.

Collaborating tutors:
Patrick Mangnus, who teaches biomaterial methods in graphic arts.
Aalt van de Glind, who teaches non-human and non-lens photography.

The programme invites various artist and designers as guest teachers. Previous guest artists and designers were Raphael Kim, Aniela Hoitink, Sonja Bäumel, Zeger Reyers, Špela Petrič, Adam Zaretsky, Pei-Ying Lin, Christine van der Heide and Adriana Knouf.

BIO MATTERs Public Events

Living Matters online expositie
June 2020
Storytelling by AKI Bio Matters onderzoek research on the precarity that has always been now.

How on Earth presents Living Images
Online exhibition – storytelling by AKI Bio Matters research on the precarity that has always been now, June 2020.

Biodesign of Plastocene exhibition and symposium at Tetem
Tetem 27 March - 7 April 2019
The present exhibition is a result of the artistic research programme at AKI BIO MATTERs in 2018/2019 that addresses the problems of anthropocene and materially speculates on possible scenarios of change through biodesign practice.

Science-Friction workshop and symposium in the Design Lab
UT Twente 22 November 2017
Symposium on the contemporary discussions around the practices of biotechnologies that asked how new biotech bodies create disruptions that change our way of living. It was the joint production by AKI and DesignLab University of Twente curated by Agnieszka Anna Wołodźko and Frank Kresin.

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