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Book release A Designer’s Material-Aesthetics Reflections on Fashion and Technology

Book release A Designer’s Material-Aesthetics Reflections on Fashion and Technology
3 Oct 2019
3 Oct 2019
Pagina uit A Designer's Material-Aesthetics Reflections on Fashion and Technology van Pauline van Dongen
Pagina uit A Designer's Material-Aesthetics Reflections on Fashion and Technology van Pauline van Dongen

Arnhem | What opportunities does the integration of digital technologies in clothing offer? How do wearable technologies transform embodied experience? And can they enable new relationships between human beings and the clothing they wear?

In A Designer's Material-Aesthetics Reflections on Fashion and Technology, Pauline van Dongen researches how wearables — garments that bring electronics and digital materials together with textiles — can become an integral part of the everyday reality of fashion.

Wearable technology
By combining her design research with postphenomenology, a particular strand of philosophy of technology, Van Dongen offers a new way of looking at the role of technology in fashion. She introduces various postphenomenological concepts, such as material aesthetics and human-garment relations, that can shed new light on how to design alternatives for a more sustainable future. Based on her own experiences, Van Dongen provides practical insights with the aim of better informing the practice of designing wearable technology. Her analysis of unique and exemplary projects such as the Solar Shirt and Phototrope shows what wearable technologies do beyond their functional promise and what they mean beyond their symbolic value.
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About Pauline van Dongen
Pauline van Dongen (1986, Amsterdam) is a Dutch fashion designer specialised in wearable technology. With her design studio, founded in 2010, she focuses on developing alternatives for fashion by exploring how technology (i.e. electronics and digital materials) can add new value and meaning to clothing and can enhance the way we experience the world around us. The studio has built an ecosystem of textile companies, fashion brands, apparel manufacturers, universities and research centres to be able to affect all areas of the fashion system. Moreover, this enables prototypes to be advanced to become truly wearable, desirable as well as scalable products. Since March 2019, Pauline also holds the position of program manager wearable electronics at Holst Centre (TNO), where she focuses on the integration of printed electronics in textiles. Besides this, she is a member of several advisory boards, namely of the European ‘Education for Fashion-Tech’ programme, the ArtEZ Fashion Professorship, and the Dutch initiative ‘New Order of Fashion’. She also is a member of the programme board of CLICKNL that guides the development of the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda of the Creative Industries of the Netherlands.

The future of fashion
In this publication, Pauline van Dongen argues for the need to reframe the role of technology in fashion. The prevailing understanding of technology tends to focus on the functional or instrumental value or on the visual qualities of technology as a matter of representation. This binary and disembodied understanding of technology limits the meaningful role that wearables can play in everyday fashion. Van Dongen emphasizes the importance of an approach that is able to holistically tie together

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