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ArtEZ Press: The gestures of architecture

ArtEZ Press: The gestures of architecture
13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017
ArtEZ Press: The gestures of architecture

The gestures of architecture.
A mannerism textbook by Frans Sturkenboom

In April, ArtEZ Press will be bringing out a new publication by architect Frank Sturkenboom: The gestures of architecture. A mannerism textbook.
This book is a call for agile architecture and for a 'mannerism forever', making it a must-have for architects and architecture lovers who are interested in the origins and characteristics of this style. Over 300 illustrations make up the pictorial story.

Architecture as metamorphosis
Sturkenboom talks about 'gesticulating architecture', or 'the gestures of architecture'. He shows that this agility derives from historical mannerism, which also put the movement and texture of a building first. Mannerist architects often focus on surfaces instead of spaces. Floors become walls and transition into roofs. Facades are staggered and develop their own depth. Architecture as metamorphosis.

"Rather than concepts, gesticulating architecture calls for verbs. From sitting, clearing up, framing and concealing to growing and shrinking." Using examples taken from throughout the history of architecture, Sturkenboom discusses essential architectural terms.
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