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Removing Dust Covers

Removing Dust Covers is an installation aimed at people who can’t return to their homes. The title is a reference to the habit of people covering their furniture with dust covers before they leave their home for a long period of time, to preserve it while they are away. Not being able to revisit my childhood home means that this place only exists in my memory and that I will never be able to remove those dust covers. 

In my work, I try to find out to what extent we can use today’s technology to reconstruct someone’s memories. Memories are locked inside the complexity of the brain and are to this day intangible to any other person than yourself. With my work, I try to make these memories tangible in such a way that I can invite people into my home. To do this I use computer-generated imagery to reconstruct and visualise parts of my memory and integrate that on a physical set that represents my childhood room. This space is the centre point of my memory of home, but it also potentially serves the viewer a key to their memory of home.


About Tofe Al-Obaidi

Tofe Al-Obaidi is a Graphic Designer who loves to explore the 'Digital Realm' working with coding softwares like Processing and P5.js to Animations softwares like Blender, Unreal Engine And Cinema4D.


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