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Sarjon Azouz 1
Bimbo MITXA – still from Performance - 2022


In a post-narrative I exist, my name is Sarjon, Sargon, Shivers, Ra’sh, BIMBO ZYGOTE, Gore Dealer Baby, Asmahan, and NOT Laila! I am all the names debating the reasons, the ways, and the consequences of my existing body. I found these names while researching my vanity, while covering my face with my face, monitored their character growth with my own somatic archive, they are my altered eyes, the lenses through which I see myself from the already existing narrations of the world. My maleness narrated by the patriarchy, my Arabness narrated by 911, my gender non-conformity narrated by the binary signs in public restrooms, my immigration journey narrated by a powerful dictator and my femininity narrated by a camp drag queen with a moustache I call daddy. Through my practice I learn that engaging in identity politics means the labor of which I contribute to claiming back the narrative and unlearning the constructs that try to define me. Altering the ego is not a luxury, it’s a survival necessity. Where do I exist, is this question existential or political? This recurring question in my research focuses on the “where” as in context. Where do these {I}’s gain their agency, urgency, and control. As they finally speak, i build a practice that centers the props, spaces, and tools they need to gain their voice.

  1. Screen Pillow from Xeno-futurity set - 2021
  1. Pillow chains - Silicon USB port
  1. Still from Xeno-futurity Performance - 2021

Alter egos from top to bottom (Ra’sh - Gore Dealer Baby – Asmahan – Sargon – Shivers – NOT Laila)



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