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Xian Zhang

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Xian Zhang

By now COVID-19 has had a detrimental effect on people’s life. Lockdown and physical distancing measures facilitate the prevention of COVID-19 spreading while causing problems such as emotional ones. These problems arising from the sudden epidemic motivated me to study how to establish interaction at a distance between two people. Under the pandemic, I found that the size of people’s personal space can be changed through moveable devices to promote interaction while keeping a distance between them. Readily available materials in life, even some left-over items at home are used as the source of installation to create mobile interactive objects.


Due to current situation, the form of our social manners has changed, and the regular life under the pandemic has become under strict regulations. Social interaction became less physical or contactless. On one hand, I am thinking about anypossible interaction that can be triggered at distance, and on the other hand, how to make devices initiating such interactionunder limited conditions?

In the further process, I want to use mobile objects to trigger the interaction between people by compressing and extending personal space. Under the premise of material restrictions and social distancing, how to trigger distance interaction through different forms of mobile devices? How to make these devices by using left-over and simple materials? What value can we bring to the society? I aim to use the form of wheels to create mobile devices with different sensory information. The purpose of this research is to rethink and re-imagine social interaction in order to break the conventional pattern of interaction duringthe pandemic.

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