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Vicky-Lynn Geerdink
Vicky-Lynn Geerdink
 The color of the water is green
‘The city’ and ‘nature’ are often seen as two separate worlds. My collection of rain pipes unites industrialized building principles with natural organisms, through material and shape. We are used to pipes made out of metal or PVC, to such an extent that we almost don’t notice how many there are. We overlook them and, therefore, their potential. Rather than hiding, why not interact and work with them?
Instead of eliminating the little green mosses and algae that come through cracks in the concrete or gaps between stones, the rain pipes invite organisms to grow on them. They have an open rough structure on the outside and are made of terracotta, a material that is porous and absorbent. The conditions enable moss and algae to attach and be nurtured by the rain on its way from the roof to the ground.
In each design, the water will be ‘contained’ for longer than we are used to, similar to the way in which a meandering river moves through a landscape. The pipe has an extra bend, has an inside reservoir or a pocket that extends the moment in which transpiration can take place. These pipes will turn surroundings into greener and more lush environments. They can be connected like a chain, creating a ‘green’ infrastructure that moves along structures and buildings, contributing to more and diverse vegetation.

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