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Yamil Oulad-el-Hadj

Design Art Technology
Yamil Oulad El Hadj

Opened Enclosures

Opened Enclosures is a research into the relation between artists and the technology that they use, focusing on the analog video signal and the hardware that is used to make, change and view it. Yamil argues that not only the visual output that an artist creates using hardware, but also the hardware itself is part of an artwork. Therefore he thinks that the hardware should be shown. Starting from this idea, Opened Enclosures questions the standard dynamics of analog video artworks by proposing a different way of looking at hardware. Visit for a broader explanation.

Practical Assignment - Aha IC

Commissioned by NXP Semiconductors


NXP is a company that produces integrated circuits, or ICs, for various purposes. IC’s are mostly built up out of logic gates which are basically ‘if’ ‘then’ questions. A single logic gate is easy to understand, but when you combine them to form an IC they can build up very complex systems which are much harder to grasp without technical knowledge. Aha IC is a mobile game that translates elements from the electric circuit of a 555 timer IC to a playable marble track. A resistor in the circuit, for example, becomes a narrowing of the track in the game. By moving a marble over the track, the player is introduced to the IC from inside out, giving them a visual analogy to grasp the complex logic system that hides within an IC.

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