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Wessel Bosscher

Design Art Technology
Wessel Bosscher - Traces
Wessel Bosscher


Everyday we walk around with a rectangular device in our pockets that is constantly interfacing between our sensory reality and the invisible layers of radio waves around us, without us being able to see it. Without us even knowing, we continually create unseen traces in our physical space.

Hertzian Traces is an interactive installation where the audience can experience, in realtime, how we extend ourselves through our phones into radio waves with 4G, WiFi, bluetooth, GSM and GPS signals, visualising how radio waves are not only something parallel to our realities but also how our actions are shaping the invisible landscape instantaneously.

Practical Assignment - Square World

This project begins from a fascination with the shape of a silicon wafer, a round slice of semiconductor that is used for the manufacturing of rectangular microchips. When you look at a smartphone—the microchip, the production process, and the design of the device—the rectangular shape keeps coming back at different scales. We even look at rectangular pixels when we use it. Moving from the atomic to the global scale, this vertical film conveys the story of our tendencies to make everything rectangular. 

Wessel Bosscher - Hertzian Traces from Design Art Technology Arnhem on Vimeo.

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