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Tiankun Yu

Design Art Technology
Tiankun Yu

Compound eyes distorting mirror

Kun has a strong interest in exploring different perspectives by using diverse mediums including both software and hardware, like taking things from our normal lives and looking at them in various ways.

The work Compound eyes distorting mirror is inspired by a housefly. With their compound eyes, houseflies can see images that are different from what humans see. Kun did research on how compound eyes work and how flies see color differently, then he combined his imagination to try to draw the image of the world in the eyes of a fly. In order to make the project more understandable to humans, Kun has integrated a distance sensor into the work—gesturing at the human habit of getting closer to something when we cannot see it clearly. By interacting with this project, Kun wants the audience to not only have fun but also better understand and respect other species by switching their perspectives with one another.

Tiankun Yu - Compound Eyes Distorting Mirror from Design Art Technology Arnhem on Vimeo.

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