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Omarleen Salem 2
Tracing of stills from videos of the clashes in Beirut- Lebanon in October 2021.

Omarleen is an artist, researcher, and filmmaker, working with documentary images of violence/victims, whether they are highly produced documentaries, news images, or low-resolution phone footage, some of these images get penetrated by bullets and shrapnel to start leaking fiction into the battlefield, fiction that gets mixed with violence that yet gets captured by another documenting camera.  

Logo designed by Hani Jouharieh in the 1950s for the Palestine cinema institute. 

Omarleen researches the poetics of images by investigating how the documentary form documents a reality that questions its truthfulness. 

Questions on the fictionalization of events through shooting them with cameras, the relation between visibility and value, and the economy of false truth/knowledge are made visible by giving theoretical and analytical tools along with fictional/factual readings of images to doubt the singular gaze. 

Still from a performance lecture. 
Still from a performance lecture. 
Still from a performance lecture. 


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