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Poeka Pipilotti Boland
Poeka Boland


Poeka Pipilotti Boland (Nijmegen, Netherlands 1997) 


A constant wander between fiction and reality. The sculptural landscapes that Poeka Boland creates are on the virtue of actuality and a strange space close to non-existing. Borders play out a constant factor in her work. The grey area between comfort and discomfort, the borders of spaciousness and the borders around a sculpture. In this miniature world, the artist notably plays with the visiter. Whether the question is asking where this space is potentially located or whether you should be at ease, or on edge, something strange is happening for sure. A soft feeling of relieve wafts over, as you realise that here, somehow, times feel frozen. In the constant state of acceleration, our current society is built around just one thing: increasing growth.  

In this world filled with performative pressure, the artist questions: Where do we still find comfort? In this sense, is fleeing to a retreat as any form of a solution. Within this landscape, such worlds are presented; like a form of limbo.  

This is a space between the actual destination of safety and the chaotic accelerating world.  

Here, we find ourselves questioning, what we define as a space. Could we find such a space of refuge in a mental space, something that lives in our head? Or could we find a new form of peace in the controlled environment of traffic objects, like cones? Such as untouched goods, that according to Poeka have no purpose in improvement. The quest leads on, and in the meantime we are still stuck in the middle. Wondering whether we should fall back into the lacking system of being constantly active, or if we should shut down for a short moment of sweet tenderness. Until then, she writes, “Dear Destination.. we will meet in my dreams. 

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