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Dante van Elburg
Dante van Elburg

Dante van Elburg (Terborg, Netherlands 1997) 


Dante has a very indecisive attitude when it comes to creating. He likes to put himself in a state of not-knowing which creates a surrender to the absurdity of existence. Being able to make decisions comes from knowing, and this is something he wants to avoid. Making a decision also means including and excluding things. Decisions are very important for an artist and so is working with concrete matter and expressing yourself in such. He’s curious about how, being indecisive, works in the context of art, the only place where everything is possible but where it’s important to have judgements, statements and concrete solutions. Even in the search for strange coincidences and new combinations, which is something he likes to do, decisions have to be made. Is this inevitable? Even in writing a text like this there has to be dealt with decisions and statements. 

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