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Merel Steneker

Graphic Design
Merel Steneker
Merel Steneker

I try to always create my work based on something I want to communicate: a feeling, message, or statement. Coming from a classical grammar school where I studied Latin and Greek language and mythologies, and Dutch and English literature, I developed a fascination for storytelling and language. With a desire to make creative work and to use it as an outlet for me I pursued a study in graphic design.

My fascination for language has come out throughout my whole time at ArtEZ and especially in my research project which I consider to be the jewel in the crown of my study. In this project which I’ve called Triestkwiek, I developed my own set of words when I wasn’t able to use existing words in English or Dutch to voice the feelings and thoughts I was having. In my discovery or creation of these words I hope I can give others who feel the same way as me some sort of handhold in which they can express themselves. For me the creation and the whole process of the project was a healing experience and I would love to have it continue after my graduation.

For the ArtEZ paper the Post: Rodent I worked together with Romy Heijne as editors of the project while also creating an escapist digital world to leave behind our own Coronavirus-ridden world. While still in this quarantined world, I try to have an optimistic view of the future where I can continue my research into language and expression of the self.

Finals-werk: Triestkwiek

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