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Bin Han

Graphic Design
Bin Han
Dongbin Han

I am interested in type design as a formal expression of language and sound. This led me to practice drawing letters and building digital font files. In my research project Mimih Letters, I studied the language aboriginal language Kunwinjku and its script, and showed how the language could translate into objects including sculptures and prints. For this project, I superimposed the view of Arnhem Land (a region in Northern Australia) onto Arnhem. I was interested in how the name “Arnhem” is used in totally different cultures and locations, and how there’s a linguistic link that contrasts the sound “Me, me” within the title ‘Mimih’, which comes from Kunwinjku, the local language of Arnhem Land, and means spirit. The letters and visuals in the project could be interpreted as egocentric perhaps (about me, me) since it’s created by me, a foreigner living in Arnhem and working with a foreign (to me) language of Arnhem Land in Australia.

Together with Benjamin McMillan, I wanted to reflect on our time as students. For our practical assignment, Ben and I used time to implement the idea of featuring student initiatives in the publication Rush Print. Anecdotes around the school, little chat with current students hopefully deliver the live and untamed activities by students in Graphic Design Arnhem. 

During my four years in GDA I learned that I like drawing letters, and discovered a love of fonts. I want to continue this font study after graduation. Perhaps I want to explore the digital mechanisms present in building digital font files for use in type design.

Finals-werk: Mimih Letters

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