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Nicole Jansen

Graphic Design
Nicole Jansen
Nicole Jansen

From a very young age I saw my mother and grandmothers knit, stitch, sew, design material and bind books. Only later, during my college course in graphic design, did I merge their worlds and mine together, and realize these roots could be of great value and use to me in defining my own artistic path. To me, there seems to be a missing step in the digital: the human aspect, or the personality. Perhaps this is a nostalgia for craftsmanship, as I consider physical woven objects as a kind of craft. It’s not that I literally want these woven objects back, but I use them as inspiration to apply to this digital moment.

The title of my thesis is “Why Materials Matter?”, and in it I discuss the differences and the blurred boundaries between digital and physical design. These two spaces are closely linked, which can evoke a sense of alienation. What does the future look like with rapid technological developments and how can I, as a graphic designer, better understand developments in the technological field and how we experience them.

As a designer, I am interested in physical, analogue art forms and the tactility of fabrics and patterns. After graduation, I want to focus more on making manual work, on discovering myself more, and on experimentation. I want to show what's going on inside me and not necessarily convince people of my position. I’d like to bring older crafts into the present. I think graphic design is about asking questions instead of trying to raise awareness about your observations within contemporary society.

Finals-werk: Perception

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