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Ryanne-Joy Roskam

Graphic Design
Ryanne-Joy Roskam
Ryanne-Joy Roskam

I’ve always been interested in dreams and the meanings they carry. They’re an important and very personal part of an individual and therefore very hard to give an accurate meaning to, partly because not many people remember their dreams as full stories. Training in actively remembering your dreams can provide a deeper self reflection, because dreams are formed from the unconscious. Therefore you might think you have processed a subject, but your unconscious still needs a little longer. The unconscious is a part of the brain that intrigues me.

I was curious about how a person might give meaning to their dreams. To do this, I dissected dreams shared by my friends and family. One example of an interesting dissection is a dream where a shirt is being sold by a salesman, however, the salesman is not mentioned as a person, but as the verb “to sell”. These interesting things are the “flarden” (or “bits”) of a dream you remember after waking up and they can provide a self reflection you normally wouldn’t get. Then I woke up is a collection of 30 pillow cases with designs on them based on these “flarden” which are derived from the dreams I dissected.

For my practical assignment, I designed the Plein20 publication for the ArtEZ Architecture department. Plein20 is a weekend filled with lectures, workshops and projects, where all study years are mixed and inspire each other. The design and paper choice was influenced by the workshops that teachers gave during the weekend.

Finals-werk: Then I Woke Up

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