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Eline ten Busschen

In my designs, the combination of context and material form a central position. Materials do not stand alone, it is grown, harvested and processed. As consumers, we often only see the surface, whilst the processes and systems underneath are equally important. For me those processes are the incentive for designing, with every part of the cycle I question where it has its origin and why. During my studies and internship at Buro BELéN I have gained a lot of experience through material research. It has taught me to research based on touch and sight.

Nothing stands alone. Material and context are connected and myself, my tools and my cooperating partners form a network. They form a system that is not directly to be understood form the surface, but is valuable in its functioning.  From my design practice, I pose different questions than collaborative partners, together we can understand and shape the system. My design practice is constructed like a lab to re-evalute waste-streams and show the unused potential of materials in their cyclic movements. Trough using material and context as a base I can research sustainability, understand materials and use them for alternative applications.

In my collection, Surplus, the material PLA and wool are central. This PLA is the connection for the rough, loose, unspun ‘heatherwool’. With using the 3D printed bio-plastic I can work in a sustainable and local way. In my bio-plastic I applied different natural pigments, with which I have developed a new kind of filament with its own aesthetics. The wool and filament can be coloured with the same pigments, but with the difference in material they show a different intensity and hue.

With my research, I want to show the systems and processes contributing to this abundance and shape them to product proposals and materials. In my research I work with herdsmen, technicians and researchers to gather the different parts of my material. For me the network within my lab is located, is important. The designer is part of, but not central in the network.

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