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Prothesis Gallivantis
Kas Hermkens

As a designer, my fascination lies with how the human race has the urge to lengthen and improve our body since the beginning of time. Not only when our bodies no longer function properly, but also as an aesthetic wish. Partly because I have often walked around with a brace around my arm, which was a major obstacle at first. It always amazed me how quickly you get used to a non-body object and how it becomes part of your biological body.

In recent developments, a connection has been invented between muscle, prosthesis and brain that ensures that the world of prostheses will develop in a rapid pace. We are at a tipping point: any imaginable limb could become artificially real. This also raises new questions such as: Are there other reasons to create protheses other than for them to be purely functional. They have become displays of pride and victory. Think of Paralympic athletes who take pride in their mechanical limbs and make choices to adapt them aesthetically in addition to their highly advanced function.

With my collection Prothesis Gallivantis I want to question the quality and context of the wearable body extension. The pieces create an image where prostheses could be used to intimidate and stroll. I want to question an outdated picture of prostheses, namely one where they are seen as clumsy and inhumane. Where we have already succeeded with prosthetics that are functional, my pieces, are purely impressionistic. My collection consists of enlarged prosthetic outfits that are used in film. The actions that the wearers can perform question the maximum kinetic nature that we can develop with our bodies. Among other things; How an abundance of arms can create elegance, how a fluid extension can be hypnotic and how expanding your body can create beautiful shapes.

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