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Ruben Hoogvliet

Product Design
Ruben Hoogvliet
Ruben Hoogvliet

As a designer, I work in close connection with craftsmanship and material research. My graduation project started with rethinking ceramic crafts. I started Experimenting with techniques that would allow me to work more spontaneously and sculptural without the interference of plaster moulds. During this process I developed this innovative method into an alternative craft. I dip light moist absorbing structures into liquid clay whereafter I hang them to dry.  These structures then completely deform under the weight of the added clay. In this process, gravity always has the final say. This makes the process a continuous back and forth between the natural force and my creative interventions, a fusion of the unexpected and the controllable.  

“Eventually, an object is nothing more than a long event. a momentary cluster of material”. Written in: The order of time, by Carlo Rovelli. This quote has inspired me and prompted me to a new kind of process, an alternative way of seeing the objects. It refers to the way the objects present themselves, be it functional or purely sculptural, it shows event captured in time. "The long event” has therefore became the title of my collection. My research highlights my fascination for visualising the temporary nature of the appearance. The objects remind us of moment in which they are made in co-created with gravity and time. 

I define my working method as an infinite sequence of events in which the object is not the end goal but a marking point within the process. The results of the experiments emphasize that it concerns the development of the research. My collection exists out of two object types, one where I focus on the aspects of functionality, technical expertise and reproduction. The second where I Embrace the experiment and its multitude of outcomes this results into unique pieces.  

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