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Jeanne van Straten

My exam project VACCIN places the importance of vaccinations and herd immunity in an educational designed framework.

The discussion about the importance and danger of vaccinations has been going on since its discovery. In recent years it has mainly manifested itself on social media. To prevent anti-vaccination from getting a platform, I chose not to focus on the discussion, but instead show the effect of vaccination coverage. In order to provide clarity about vaccinations, I needed a form that could provide an easy to understand picture of the effects of vaccinations. So I started designing from the context of an educational game. Man has been playing games since prehistoric times. By playing we learn to work together or to think strategically. It is one of the oldest methods of education. This vaccination game is there to provide new generations with an insight into the need for vaccination.

The game has 2 players: the virus and the vaccination. These 2 players both try to conquer the board by placing as many pawns as possible. The game board is filled with pawns that represent the immune system. These can be infected or vaccinated. While the vaccination works hard to protect people, the virus spreads to the still unvaccinated. With special playing cards the players can place anti-vaccination or immunity pawns on the playing field, these pawns influence how the game proceeds by helping or hindering the virus and the vaccination.

I see myself as a creative “anthropologist”. I study people and use social contradictions as starting points for my work. I create scenarios, conversations and teaching methods to gain new insights. I want to take VACCIN to a higher level by further developing the didactic aspect with various parties. For the future I want to develop myself further in broader cultural contexts.

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