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Erik Lijzenga
Erik Lijzenga

Like a collector finding his treasures, you might also say those treasures collect him. People and the objects around them have an inseparable bond through either the desire to possess, emotional value or the consequences of an object that has become obsolete. They are a part of us, and we of them. By reasoning that objects have a life and responsibility of their own, I give them the authority that is often forgotten. They become clear actors in our lives, not just our backdrop.

My collection began with the bead, a seemingly simple object, but throughout history it has served as currency, a symbol of status and it was the epitome of craft and luxury. The simplicity of a bead is what made me examine the complexity of the objects around us.

By collecting beads, making beads and making things into beads I have made a collection that shows our connection to the objects around us. By using existing objects I question craft, production techniques and ownership. How can I treat these objects so that they convey my message?

To create and present new pieces that project my view into the world, while also giving them a stage is my greatest desire. I am planning to go to Stockholm for the Master Ädellab at Konstfack. I want to further invest in the jewellery specialism, as it carries many values that can be applied to the way we treat the matter that lives around us.

My objects ask for an interaction that will present a new perspective to them as well as to the wearer, like a coat stand that now needs to be hung itself or a necklace that can be used to frame yourself.

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