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Elisabeth Liselotte Kraus

International Master Artist Educator
Elisabeth Liselotte Kraus
Elisabeth Kraus

Elisabeth Liselotte Kraus

Elisabeth Liselotte Kraus studied Fine Arts at the Bauhaus University in Weimar and the Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul. She completed her certificate in "Peace Promotion and International Cooperation in the Arts" at ZHDK in Zurich, Switzerland. She further deepened her focus on using art as a means for conflict transformation during her master's program, "International Artist Educator," at ArtEZ University for the Arts in Arnhem, Netherlands. Her works often combine different disciplines, utilizing multidisciplinary installations as a form of expression, with humor playing an essential role.In addition to international collaborative projects, such as working with Lebanese sound artist Nour Sokhon, Elisabeth Liselotte Kraus is a member of the Atelier collective "KOMBINAT eV" at the Spinnerei Leipzig.

Project at IMAE

The 'DOUBT Club' is an ongoing and interactive art project by Elisabeth Liselotte Kraus, originating from her four-month stay in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 2023. Conducting research around Shankill and Falls Road—sites of major violence during the Troubles (1968-1998)—she discovered that the conflict not only persists in various forms but also presents new challenges, including the radicalization of youth and the intergenerational glorification and romanticization of violence.

In an environment marked by entrenched positions and a strong belief in their own history and portrayal, Kraus created the 'DOUBT Club' to understand and creatively transform the roots of conflicts and the sustaining patterns. Involving 16-year-old boys from both Protestant and Catholic communities, the project aimed to provide an alternative to the ongoing recruitment process and prevent involvement in criminal structures. Teenagers were invited to invent their own clubs, with the results collected in an online archive.

In an environment where certainty leads to division and stifles dialogue, doubt takes essential significance to enable conversation, foster intellectual humility, and cultivate empathy. The exhibition invites visitors to actively engage—whether by wearing the 'DOUBT Club' scarf, joining the club, or founding their own clubs that promote alternative perspectives, reflection, and dialogue.

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