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Franziska Zauner

International Master Artist Educator
Franziska Zauner
Franziska Lily Zauner

Family Line, 2023

Sculptures/Games: Clay

By creating a visual representation of family relationships, the work Family Line consists of little clay sculptures which are presented as a game to interact and to reflect on family connections and how we can build on each other. Inspired by the wooden tower building game Jenga (Swahili word for to build), each element can be moved and placed on each other in order to create a high, but probably unstable tower. The challenge is to find the right spots and to risk new relationships. 

This work is created as a response to Relational Mapping, a workshop I held during my residency and research at CCRF (Cliftonville Community Regeneration Forum) and reflects on the role of women in conflict, the peace process and reconciliation. I especially challenge the contrast of support and weight relatives can have in our lives, rather than directly pointing out their roles in society. With questions like: who is close to your heart? How close are they physically? Is there something you want to change? critical engagement to reflect on current relationships is a tool to rethink and reshape personal life.

Franziska Lily Zauner (1997) was born in Vienna and completed her bachelor's degree in fine arts and decoration in 2022 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino (IT). In 2023 she graduated at the Department of IMAE from ArtEZ, the University of Art (NL).

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