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Leyli Rashidirauf

International Master Artist Educator
Leyli Rashidirauf
Leila Rashidirauf

My name is Leyli Rashidirauf. I am a visual artist from Iran and have worked for fifteen years exploring the issues of gender and the representation of women in art in my paintings and drawings. Additionally, I was a drawing teacher in an art high school in Tehran for five years. When I was searching to continue my education, I came across IMAE, which emphasizes the issue of identities, as well as art that is created through work and direct communication with people. Since I have always had social concerns, I thought participating in this course could be interesting for me.

I should mention that being a part of IMAE was a unique experience for me. By participating in various workshops and having tutorials with teachers, I learned how to use what I knew before in a way that would have a greater impact on people and audiences. For my final project, I created a mural in Belfast over three weeks, during which I had many conversations with passers-by about the representation of the image of women in public and identities.

Read more about my graduation project here:



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