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Susanna van Grinsven 1
Graduation work in progress - 2022

“We find ourselves in room with four walls, a ceiling and a floor. The room has been measured. 4 meters long, 2.2 meters wide. The ceiling however, is of an unmeasurable height.
Floating in a space where distances partly have a specific understanding, partly are ungraspable.”

Graduation work in progress (1 Susanna, 3 buckets of plaster) - 2022

In her practice, Susanna mostly works with sculptural installations that she would rather name ‘constellations’, referring to relations between beholder, artistic work and maker. She finds an interest in measuring, repetition, amounts and counting. Yet these topics result in a more intuitive and poetic form than one might expect concerning them. The play and balance between materiality and concept, specificity and coincidence is researched and shown in her work. Previous numbers and amounts of interest consist of 220, 4, 42 and 169 (the length of 1 Susanna).

Detail of ‘Susanna’s paradox’ - 2021

For her graduation work, Susanna has taken an interest in the newly found number 137, which she translated into a huge reproduction process in collaboration with plaster and her grandmother’s thread. 137 might give an insight to the scientific understanding of our world and is used by Susanna as a framework to understand and research measurements, truths, and coincidences.

Detail of ‘To know the patterns on which poets must model their stories (under construction)’ -2021  (photo credits Peter Mochi)
Detail of ‘the nearest place to the essence of the thing is reached’ - 2020



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