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Sara Kriegsman The Beginning
The Beginning

A lifelong obsession with identity and the personal is the main source of inspiration for Sara Kriegsman (Alkmaar, 1998, The Netherlands). Her small paintings in gouache serve separately as fragments of subjective memory, each work being created as a metaphorical diary entry. By seeing all these fragments as entities outside herself, Sara creates a narrative of a young girl growing up. Each loose puzzle piece is her own, but the picture that appears when the puzzle is finished is unknown. Through this, Sara examines her own life as if it were someone else's. Editing, investigating and staging the fragments of her life to create a story with an uncanny similarity to her own, but enough distance to view it through a playful attitude. A story of a girl growing up in a world where grief is seen as negative, and expressing it seen as too much. A story of a girl longing for safety, but also for that which makes her falter. By adding metaphorical and dramatic images alongside the endless crying self-portraits, Sara creates a poetic portrait of a sensitive young girl.

In the finals, Sara shows a small selection of a hundred works, as if seeing the life of this girl flash by, as if finding her journal on the street. The work is read from left to right to really be able to play with storytelling and staging, showing the power of the vulnerable and investigating identity through painting with a psychological attitude.

sensitive girl on a picnic tableImage
Recurring dreams, nr. 2

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