Final exam Hannah Jankuhn - Jazz & Pop Voice

Final Hannah Jankuhn - Jazz & Pop Zang

Jazz & Pop Arnhem
ArtEZ Conservatorium Utrechtsestraat 85, Arnhem
Final exam Hannah Jankuhn - Jazz & Pop Voice

Hannah Jankuhn studeert met haar finals-concert af van de bacheloropleiding Jazz & Pop Arnhem. Kom jij ook genieten van Hannah's groovy beats en gevoelige teksten?

Growing up to daddy’s techno music, Hannah Najia as a toddler would ride her little bike constantly through the studio, couldn’t be kept away. Today she is riding the scooters through the streets of Berlin still completely enveloped by music on her headphones, trying to look where the fun is. If you listen to Hannah Najia’s music, you feel like there is something exciting about to happen, right around the corner. Contributing to it, makes you part of her friend circle. She is a big fan of fashion and sees music in connection with it, as she visions to appear in a magazine with her upcoming Pop Electronic album. Hannah dreams big and imagines her own life as a real life barbie action figure, seeing the good in life by being her own hero. 

With groovy beats and sensitive lyrics, she captures the moods of the places and moments where she is. It's about honesty and authenticity going through the highs and lows of life. Through choreographies by Vince de Cock, everything becomes alive, when she is on stage with Victor Hildebrand, Marius Holland and her band.

Marius Holland - Keys & Piano
Joshua Ogboko - Bass
Tarik Mujadzic - Guitar
Zoë van Beek - Drums
Gilles Vink - Trumpet
Camilo Bastidas - Saxophone
Moritz Beck - Trombone
Büsra Ayhan & Mila Kapaun - Backing Vocals
Victor Hildebrand - Live Electronics
Vince de Cock - Dance Choreographer




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