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Michelle Feelders
Michelle Feelders

Michelle Feelders is a young Dutch artist who graduated in Spatial Design and Communication and Interaction Design. She works with poetical concepts that question the relationship between human and machine. With a fascination for communication, linguistics and the natural vs. the digital she presents new angles and insightful details on contemporary topics. Her vision is to use surrealist methods to approach modern technology, which allows you to keep looking with the curious and unbiased eyes of a child. Inspired by people, cultures, body language and linguistics she develops experimental designs.

Research Project

Floranism - The age of darwinian cyborgs and a new and improved nature. Artificial Intelligence introduced a new collective moral compass shaped after the image of the Gaia-Hypothesis by James Lovelock. Formulated in nineteen-sixty-nine, the theory describes our planet as one living organism because everything affects everything. The main overarching movement today is Floranism, which stands for equality and peace. I can't even remember how the world was like when humans were dominating the planet. Floranism isn't perfect, but we are working towards an age of peace. If only we had known before the year two-thousand-twenty what artificial intelligence could do for us, our planet, nature and peace it could have prevented some dark years in history.

NXP - Through the microscope glass
Practical Assignment

Commissioned by NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors is the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, automotive, industrial, mobile and communication infrastructure markets. However there are lots of people who can't imagine the kind of work processes that are happening within the factory walls of NXP, so I wanted to show a little bit of the magic. The film starts at the scale level of an PCB and scales up to a tiny dust particle, in this process of scaling up you wander through an unseen world that allows you to see electronics in a different light. The voice-over is a poetic summary derived from interviews with employees of NXP, where they explain how they experience working with electronics on a microscopic scale. Sit down, take your time and wander off to a world your eyes can't see.

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