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Max Kelm, 2/5, huisblogger ArtEZ Business Centre

Max Kelm, 2/5, huisblogger ArtEZ Business Centre


From Silence to Chaos

In my last Blog I told you about my time at ArtEZ and my visions for a life after graduation. This Update I will inform you about my current situation, what I did in between and about the emotions I felt. I would like to use the format of an podcast for this update.

Firstly, I will tell you shortly about my impressions during the Vipassana retreat, which I did in Belgium before moving to Cologne. It is an old buddhistic meditation technique where you keep noble silence for entire 10 days. And secondly I will explain to you my current situation:


 Max - Kelm Conservatorium Arnhem

I am Max Kelm and I graduated this year in Composition for Film & Theater at the conservatory in Arnhem. When you read that, you might think of Hans Zimmer scores with huge orchestras and big drums and epic melodic lines, but I am paving a completely different way. I am not a Hollywood-style composer! I aim to be innovative in what I do and I’m trying to create a completely different concept of live music presentation. Originally, I was born and raised in Germany (Essen) and came to the Netherlands in order to study. Now, 4 years later, I moved to Cologne to fulfil my visions and to earn a living with my music.