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Janneke Spaan

Product Design
Janneke Spaan
Janneke Spaan

As a designer I am fascinated by our constantly changing surroundings from a human and natural perspective. Themes like the impact of humanity on our environment, as also the resilience of nature and its rhythms, are a source of inspiration for my work. Through my work I can understand them from an applied, but also larger and more abstract perspective. Therefore zooming in and out, from a context, surface, material or application is something I do on a daily base.

In my graduation collection “stretching perspectives”, the idea of “patternmapping” plays an important role. By reviewing pattern making as a form of topography, I developed materials to rethink objects, techniques and applications. Through modeling and repetition in manipulating the materials, 3D models stretched upwards from the textiles. During this process the development of topographic drawings, patterns that can be read and sewn by hand or machine, became a leading guide for my collection.

The working method of “patternmapping” connects a combination of craft experimentation and technical expertise, resulting in alternative and innovative approaches. During my studies I followed a course in technical footwear design and integrated the field of accessories and footwear into the process.

The collection exists out of three lines;

J I N N I . I, based on the production and reproduction process of footwear, the implementation of shoe characteristics and the ‘Classic’ technique of “patternmapping”.
J I N N I . I I, focussed on printing techniques, integrating color and handmade details, which makes each shoe of this line unique ‘Couture’.
J I N N I . I I I, presenting the more ‘Experimental’ line, translated in accessories.

Alongside creating the footwear and accessories, my working methods leads to other applications that I developed as J I N N I . MAPS, these prints are based on an autonomous way of working and presenting the base of this entire research.

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