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Gijs Wouters

Product Design
Gijs Wouters
Gijs Wouters

As a designer, I continuously look for the influence of a context in relation to its assigned cultural values. Curiously moving between the cultural and untouched
nature, between different disciplines and crafts. Taken together, these experiences reflect my multidisciplinary expertise, but also the search and exploration of a fluid identity from the perspective of man and material.

My collection has developed in two tracks, firstly as a research into a raw material and secondly as application and fluidity of its use. As a base ingredient I used porcelain. The basis of porcelain is the granite China clay, a raw material once of great value, but now overtaken by time and technology. The China clay mines that I have witnessed during field trips to both Cornwall and China have left their marks on the natural landscape and refer to an industry that is slowly disappearing. In my exam I am using the material in a contemporary way to create new applications and to develop a part of the changeability, of the human living environment.

I questioned the identity of porcelain with the aim to create a flexible alternative. This led to an experimental research, with a future goal to continue further material development with experts after the graduation. For this purpose a clear archive has been developed that explains the material samples in terms of its specific qualities and possible applications. From the material research I developed a series of samples into a range of products.

Besides taking the stature of porcelain in question, similarly the porcelaincabinet has known various uses and contents. The cabinet is often seen as a functional interior piece, but also loaded with an emotional or historical life course. I have developed a series with a modular frame, where the user can change the cabinet according to his preference, usage, format or content.

Title finals work: Liquid Statue

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