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May 21, 2019

Theatre in Education graduation performance: vulnerability is a strength

“Ismene isn’t worth that much. But do you have to be heroic to be worth something?” Merel Smit did the Bachelor Theatre in Education and in the video below, she tells us more about her finals performance. “My graduation performance is about the story of Ismene, Antigone’s sister. I’ve got three actors who will help you figure out her thoughts on being the sister of a great, heroic woman in Greek tragedies.”

Merel explores the topics insecurity, vulnerability, and what it means to be worth something: “Insecurity is often seen as a weakness, because it means you’re showing you’re vulnerable. But I see being vulnerable as a strength, because it shows you’re human. This is why I tried to create a strong woman from the perspective of being insecure.”

Video by Collector

During the Bachelor Theatre in Education, you’re not trained to become a traditional theatre teacher. You’re trained to become an artist educator in theatre. Because after you graduate, you can work as a theatre teacher or theater maker in education, but also as an independent cultural entrepreneur, a director, and so much more. During this Bachelor, you won’t be taking individual courses. Instead, you’ll be working on different projects. You work on your technical skills during training lessons, you learn the theory behind things during seminars, you take writing and feedback lessons, and you’re supervised by various teachers like a scenographer and a dramaturge. 

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