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January 5, 2021

Graduation project: Off to Slumberland: graduating at Fashion Design

Nemo Cheminée did the bachelor in Fashion Design, and in a video we see his collection ‘Off to Slumberland’ with which he graduates. “The starting point of everything was this book: ‘Little Nemo in Slumberland’. This book is incredible. It’s about a kid that dreams that literally anything is possible. And I love that. The characters that I made for my graduation are all kind of based on characters from this book.”

The video shows us long dresses and other designs. Nemo explains that it was a challenge to design and create something like this. “That’s something my textile teacher warned me in my first year. I tend to use techniques that cost a lot of fabric.” We see a dress that’s 2,5 meters long, and another design for which Nemo used 170 meters of fabric to create it!

When he’s asked what the goal is, he answers: “The big dream is doing costume design for big Hollywood productions. And to work together with somebody like Tim Burton or Guillermo del Toro. That’s the dream.”

The bachelor in Fashion Design at ArtEZ in Arnhem is one of the best fashion courses in Europe. In 2011, it was awarded with the prestigious Grand Seigneur. During this bachelor course, you’re trained to develop yourself in being creative, original, and have a feeling for modernity. There’s also a focus on practical and traditional skills. You work in a close community, and you specialize in 2D or 3D. After you graduate, you can work as a designer or fashion illustrator.

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