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January 17, 2023

Robin Beers shows that architecture is more than just a building

“I don’t think that we should keep working in traditional circles, meaning with the usual developer, constructor, contractor. Maybe we can ask an artist to join our team. An artist may look at the building and the surroundings in a different way. They can add another layer, which can help us develop our profession even further. They can give us new insights,” we hear Robin Beers talk in the video below. Robin did the Architecture master course. She tells us about her experiences during this course. “Sometimes we need to be reminded that architecture goes further than merely designing a building.”

Robin says that this master’s is very broad, which allows you to have a lot of freedom in the way you work and learn. “At ArtEZ, they think highly of pioneers. You’re free to interpret each curriculum.” She also explains that at this academy you get to know a lot of people from different courses. Which she enjoyed a lot.

But sometimes, it’s our thoughts that are the most powerful things we can leave behind

For her finals, she wanted to go beyond designing a building. “I’m at an art academy. There are so many different types of art and people around me, I love to be inspired by everything and everyone.” In the video, we see Robin standing under the highway A10 in Amsterdam. For her final work, she did an analysis of this place. “I think that we as architects often have the tendency to always build something. To always leave something behind. But sometimes, it’s our thoughts that are the most powerful things we can leave behind.”

Watch the full video on Robin Beers here:


About the master's course Architectuur

The Architecture master course at ArtEZ focuses strongly on highly visual and practice-oriented education. The goal is to create a better world through creative and inspiring work. During the course you will study and work at an architectural firm at the same time. You’ll apply the knowledge you learn during your courses at the firm. You develop yourself into an architect who creates designs that are sustainable by keeping our society and planet in mind. You not only design buildings, but you also keep your own social responsibilities in mind: how does your work affect people, animals, and our environment? Not just now, but also in the future. With the Architecture master course, you get the needed tools to tackle these responsibilities.

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