With her graduation project 'Waar Woorden Tekortschieten Klinkt Muziek', Zoë van Huit coached people to tell their stories by helping them write their own song.
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December 10, 2021

Zoë coaches people to tell their stories by helping them write their own song

With her graduation project 'Where Words Fail, Music Sounds', Zoë van Huit helps people to tell their personal stories through music. And not just any music, but their very own self-written songs. A special way of creating connection and providing a sympathetic ear. For Zoë, finishing the Master Education in Arts at ArtEZ forms the starting point of a follow-up path that has a clear direction. "I can say that I know which way I want to go after this Master's," she says. "I know how to articulate my vision on music education: personal development and connecting people through music education are very important to me."


Master's students Education in Arts at ArtEZ have three different roles: they are artists, educators and researchers. "These roles are inseparable and actually form a new whole," says Elsbeth Veldpape, coordinator of the programme. "We also encourage students to take on a fourth role: that of change-maker. We want students to initiate a positive change or development in the social domain. This can be a very large change, but also a small one, intended for a few individuals."

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