With her graduation project 'Waar Woorden Tekortschieten Klinkt Muziek', Zoë van Huit coached people to tell their stories by helping them write their own song.
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December 10, 2021

Create connection and a listening ear with music

With her graduation project “Where Words Fail, Music Sounds”, Zoë van Huit helps people tell their personal stories through their very own self-written songs. A special way of creating a connection and providing a listening ear. “The project was created in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. I saw a lot of messages where people were looking for a connection and a listening ear. I wanted to help by being that listening ear to the participants in this project. I wanted the participants to tell their story, so others can hear them, too. And you can achieve that beautifully through writing a song.” 



Zoë chose the Master Education in Arts because she didn’t feel like she had learned everything she could after she finished Music in Education. Her goal was to develop her own vision. Finishing this master provided Zoë with a clear direction of where her future lies. “I can definitely say that my path has become much clearer after this master. I know where I want to go,” she explains. “After this project, I started my own business: Zoë Zingt (Zoë Sings). I provide singing lessons. I also do singer-songwriter workshops where we can write a song together. And I’m also going to work at a high school.”

Elsbeth Veldpape, the coordinator of this Master, says that the students have three roles: they are an artist, an educator, and a researcher. “The three roles are inextricably linked and form a new whole. We motivate students to take on a fourth role: the role of a changemaker. We want students to make a positive change or development in the social domain.”

The Master Education in Arts trains you, as an artist educator, to provoke action that will initiate change. For instance, change in behavior or in awareness. You follow a practice-oriented program that tackles social issues. You are an educator, an artist, and a researcher. The three roles strengthen and complement each other. You get to work and develop yourself in an inspiring space. You’ll have an interactive, creative, and supportive community consisting of students, teachers, tutors, and partners. You do research and you follow lectures and seminars focused on cultural studies, pedagogy, didactics, and identity issues. This master course has been accredited by the NVAO and, as a result, been included in the 2022 Master’s Guide.

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