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September 4, 2023

Yousra Razine Mahrah wins lichting 2023

Yousra Razine Mahrah, a recent graduate from the bachelor's course Fashion Design in Arnhem, went from the classroom to the spotlight with her remarkable designs, clinching a prestigious victory at Lichting 2023.

Towards a successful career

Yousra's swift journey began earlier this year when she completed her studies with the groundbreaking project, "K*TMAROKKAAN." This innovative collection garnered attention from fashion enthusiasts and experts alike, earning her a coveted spot in the Lichting 2023 competition. Out of twenty-five talented graduates, Yousra was among the ten finalists who showcased their work on September 1st. Impressively, three of these finalists were graduates of ArtEZ's Fashion Design course.

Following the grand finale at Felix Meritis in Amsterdam, an international panel of judges unanimously named Yousra the most promising talent in the Netherlands. Her victory came with an impressive prize package worth €10,000, including the opportunity to host her own show at Amsterdam Fashion Week 2024 and receive legal guidance.


"K*TMAROKKAAN," Yousra's standout collection, is deeply rooted in her personal journey. Raised in a traditional Moroccan household, she developed an alternate persona to navigate the complexities of her daily life. This experience, marked by both confusion and strength, serves as the cornerstone of her work. Yousra's designs explore her identity as a Moroccan woman in the Netherlands, challenging stereotypes and cultural boundaries. The fusion of rugged textures with delicate fabrics creates a dynamic narrative within her collection.