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October 6, 2022

Vote for alumni for ARTS THREAD and GUCCI's Global Design Graduate Show

Five alumni have been nominated for the Global Design Graduate Show of ARTS THREAD in collaboration with GUCCI. All five alumni have graduated from the Product Design and Fashion Design courses this year.

The alumni are nominated in two categories: 'Fine Art / Photography / Craft' and 'Fashion / Accessories / Textiles'. You can vote once per category. Which designer do you vote for?

Fleuri La Belle

Fleuri La Belle is a ’22 finalist of the Product Design course. You can vote for her in the Fine Art / Photography / Craft category. Her work is called Embracing Black and is about Fleuri's Congolese roots. The collection consists of a series of amulet necklaces that tell the story of ancient Congolese cosmology. The five chains represent the phases of life: birth, life, death, the horizon between life and death, and the afterlife.

Vote for Fleuri

Marieke Cornielje

Marieke Cornielje also graduated from Product Design and is in the Fine Art / Photography / Craft category. Her work is called Modular Plaster and is a flexible modular mold that captures the versatility of ceramics. This production technique that Marieke uses is capable of creating an infinite number of different shapes and just as many unique porcelain objects.

Vote for Marieke

Iris Bosker

Iris Bosker graduated from Fashion Design this year. You can vote for her in the Fashion / Accessories / Textiles category. Iris' fashion collection is called chro·no·pho·bi·a, which means to fear the passing of time. She says of it: “This collection is inspired by antique objects and artifacts, and their past lives that they carry with them.”

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Lucija Kejzar Sila

Lucija Kejzar Sila also graduated from Fashion Design. She has been nominated in the same category as Iris: Fashion / Accessories / Textiles. Lucija's collection is called Zemljanka and is inspired by the history of the Balkan countries. She combines the history of Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia with her love for tailoring.

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Gabriel Giordano

Like Marieke and Fleuri, Gabriel Giordano also graduated this year from the Product Design course. Unlike his fellow students, Gabriel is in the Fashion / Accessories / Textiles category. His shoe collection is called Group_b and it explores a future where performance improvement knows no bounds. Group_B takes inspiration from Group B, which refers to a set of rules introduced in rallying and racing in the 80s.

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You can vote until Sunday 9 October 23:59.