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ArtEZ Winter School

ArtEZ Winter School
28 sep 2017
28 sep 2017
ArtEZ Winter School

Winter School (first edition!) is a five-day during event for master/PhD level students and researchers.

The 21st century and the science of creativity
We live in the 21st century. We are confronted with new questions. In this transformation of time and environment the role of creativity is changing. We need a new kind of thinking, a new kind of intellectual and practical perspective that can be defined as the science of creativity.
The science of creativity is hybrid; it is science and arts, it is humanities and design. It is US, we are all hybrid(s) in our way of livings. It is communicating with us. It has a language. To understand it and to communicate back to it we have developed a space that finds its starting point, the Winter School, as a part of ArtEZ International Research School (AIRs) community.

Winter School and the living lexicon
The science of creativity has a different language; a complex combination of signs that forms a system, which is used for knowledge circulation and development. It has its own rules, exceptions, definitions and vocabulary. It is alive. It is diverse. It has changed, grew and branched like every other language through time. Our aim, as the Winter School is to figure out how this language works and how we can work with it. Together we will create a tool, a living lexicon, to share and use it.

Winter School will act as a hub in the form of an incubation center: connecting education with practice and research, connecting students and researchers with experts, creating cross-disciplinary and collaborative, hybrid and unique working environments to develop a research knowledge base.

Winter evenings and winter night
We will use didactic forms to generate organic working atmospheres. We will work in different rhythms, mostly in evenings, enabling custom made and supplementary schedules for participants. In addition to be a part of the creation of ‘the living lexicon’, participants will learn how to reach the data they need and discover new ways of informal learning with dinners, music and dance.

The first edition of Winter School will take place in Arnhem between November 27th and December 1st, 2017; a five-day event during which master/PhD level students and researchers will actively develop a 'living lexicon' on art and design based research collaboratively with professorships of ArtEZ and guest experts.

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