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Deborah Mora
Deborah Mora

Deborah Mora’s artistic practice explores in an experimental attitude the symbiotic relationship between nature, culture and technology. She is interested in translating digital materialities into physical forms and vice versa, researching how they acquire new sensorial qualities and create new languages for expression.

Currently Deborah investigates how ephemeral objects, memories and experiences are preserved and how they perpetuate in the digital era. Her work focuses on technological mediation of nature processes and environments and how it influences our subjective experience of times and spaces.

0° N, 0° E
Research Project

0°N 0°E is an invitation into a collective, technologically mediated memory of nature.

0°N 0°E retraces the cyber-myth of the Null Island through the format of worldbuilding. With the metaphor of the Null Island, the project explores how experience and knowledge is generated when the only way to access nature is through a hypermediated modality.

0°N 0°E refers to the coordinates where the Null Island is imagined to exist. The null value is attributed when data is absent, thus all those images, files, registrations that are uploaded online without specified geoposition, are erroneously associated with the location “0,0” by the software. In this way, the Null Island becomes an archive of documents found online that, although documenting natural environments, don’t belong to any specific place anymore.

At the same time, facing the current ecological and environmental crisis, it has become really important for biologists, geologists, archeologists to document specific locations and objects for survey and conservation. In this way, the work carries as well an ecological question: how can natural environments be saved and preserved in a digital format? In the moment when these places are not physically accessible (anymore), how this format contributes to form our knowledge and experience?
Practical Assignment

Commissioned by: Upstream Gallery.

For their online exhibitions, Upstream Gallery has been looking for innovative and creative solutions that would emphasize the virtual gallery space. The goal was to implement a component of real-time visitor visibility and interaction within the online platform, making it a more live-social space.

Ties van Asseldonk and Deborah Mora worked together to implement a feature that would display all the users’ cursor real time, indicating their movement in the virtual gallery. For the opening event of one of the exhibitions, a WebRTC audio chat feature was developed. This allowed the user to speak to and hear the other visitors in the gallery only if their cursors were close to each others.

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