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Anna de Vriend
Anna de Vriend

She cares and is careful not to care wrongfully. Her skin has grown wool, her legs have become bloody, non-human animals have become part of her in an attempt to shake off her embodied position of power over them. Marrie watches and is not impressed. 

 Relationships between human animals and non-human animals are gendered. The woman who cares too much or too little is in danger of being pathologized as mad, whilst the man who runs the multinational industrial slaughterhouse remains anonymous, hidden behind clever marketing schemes and a narrative of rational control.

The practice of Anna de Vriend is research-based and multidisciplinary. At the base of her practice lies the investigating of systems and structures that reinforce the hierarchy between human animals and non-human animals. This is done through fieldwork in spaces where this hierarchy becomes tangible and clearer but also more ambiguous, such as slaughterhouses and zoos, but also cow retirement homes and the homes of people who keep exotic pets. This results in work that embraces the grey areas of human-animal relationships whilst acknowledging the embodied and unavoidable power position a human animal has over a non-human animal.

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