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Aafje Bep van Grieken

Design Art Technology
Aafje Bep van Grieken, Localhost
Aafje Bep van Grieken, Localhost


While browsing a website, chatting with friends or streaming a movie you connect to a server somewhere on this planet. A server that is hosting for your needs. From your phone, through a network of cables information finds its path. While chasing the fastest connections, we need a lot of power that produces a lot of heat.

Many networks that we interact with on a daily basis, and are essential for the functioning of the many systems of the world, are invisible to us. Mycelium is one of nature’s networks. It is the communication between plants, the exchange of knowledge, food and resources. 

Mushrooms are the fruit bodies of the mycelium network, the mushroom is the visible part of a much larger body. When seeing a mushroom we tend not to realize what is under the ground. This is a similar principle to computer networks.

Computer networks need lots of energy to keep running. By using the excess energy to cultivate mushrooms and grow mycelium I create an environment in which the natural and the digital worlds exist in symbiosis. The mycelium brick, after harvesting the mushrooms, can be used as a sustainable building material. Mycelium networks work in a way to protect the community. By keeping your data local, you can focus on building your community network with sovereignty and communal needs in mind. 

Aafje Bep van Grieken, Localhost


Aafje Bep van Grieken, Localhost, photographer Eva van Boxtel
Aafje Bep van Grieken, Localhost






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