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If you wish to be admitted to a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Associate Degree programme, you must first register via Studielink, the online enrolment system for higher education. You can register from 1 October.


To apply for admission, go to Studielink and create an account.
You can visit the Studielink Q&A if you have a question about Studielink. 

When entering your information, please note the following:

For the Dance and Dance in Education bachelor courses, you need to submit a passport photo: you will be redirected to an online form where you can upload your passport photo.
Do you want to apply for the Dutch Art Institute (DAI) ART PRAXIS? Go to Dutch Art Institute (DAI) ART PRAXIS to apply for admission to this master course.

Do you live in the Netherlands?

If you live in the Netherlands, you can create an account by entering your DigiD and other personal information. You can request a DigiD from www.digid.nl. This may take several working days, so please bear that in mind.

Not living in the Netherlands (yet)?

If you don't live in the Netherlands (yet), you cannot use DigiD and you will have to log in using a Studielink username and password. After creating your Studielink account, you can register for the admission procedure for the course in question. Your application will be sent to the ArtEZ Student Affairs Department via Studielink.

Deadline for applications

The final registration date varies depending on the course. For some courses, early applications are required. For other courses, applications will still be accepted after May 1. Check the admission dates for the course of your choice.

Admission criteria

The courses at ArtEZ are subject to minimum language requirements and requirements relating your previous education. Check the admission criteria for the course of your choice.

Language requirements

Go to the Language requirements page for more information.

Previous education requirements

You must meet the legal previous education requirements. Are you in doubt as to whether you meet the previous education requirements? If so, please contact the Student Affairs Department.

In very exceptional cases, students who do not meet the statutory requirements can be admitted through a ‘colloquium doctum’ procedure. This is only possible if the entrance examination indicates that you are exceptionally talented and the Admissions Board chooses to nominate you for this procedure with the Board of Examiners and the Board of Examiners honors this request. 
It is not possible to submit your own request for a colloquium doctum.

Please note: the colloquium doctum procedure is only possible on admissions to the Bachelorcourses.

Enrolment following admission

When you have been admitted, you can enrol for the course in Studielink from mid-June. You need to re-enrol each year. You will be informed about this in advance by the Student Affairs Department.