Juan Niks
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June 17, 2022

Graduation project Tailor Made Music in Education: the future of music lessons

Can technology improve music lessons? That’s what Juan Niks is researching. “This way of teaching is the future, but it’ll always be a combination of old-fashioned analog music, creating, and collaborating. All of this plus throwing technology into the mix,” he says. Juan finished the course Tailor Made Music in Education in Enschede. In a video, he explains his research at the Montessori College. “I want to research how studying and rehearsing music can be improved with the app GarageBand.”

In the video below we see how he uses the app during the lessons. He explains further: “I have here Lesson 1. In this lesson I show what the general functions are. It’s kind of like a tutorial. I saw multiple things that I thought can be improved during rehearsal. Especially things that concern certain details. And my idea is to do that in a fun way with the app GarageBand.” With the app, Juan creates assignments for the students. The goal is that the final product is improved. And his research shows that this method indeed works. Now that he has graduated, he’s looking for a place where he can teach music by using this series of lessons.

Tailor Made

The Tailor Made Music in Education course in Enschede is put together based on your own previous education and exemptions. You’re trained to become an inspiring teacher who strengthens the musical identity of students. You get the needed knowledge and tools to develop yourself in the field of music technology. After you graduate, you will have a first-degree teaching qualification. This means you can teach Music as well as the subjects Culture and Arts and General Art. But you can also become a composer or conductor.

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