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November 7, 2023

ArtEZ alumni shine on Dd Yearbook '23-'24 shortlist

A remarkable amount of ArtEZ alumni has secured their place on the highly coveted shortlist for the Dd (Dutch designers) Yearbook '23-'24! The Dd Yearbook, an esteemed publication that annually spotlights the most exceptional graduation projects by students, has selected these exceptional talents from ArtEZ to feature in its upcoming edition.

The graduates

These are the six ArtEZ alumni shortlisted for Dd Yearbook with their graduation work:

Floor Wolven | Onafgebroken | Graphic Design in Zwolle

Sanne Licht | Evolved | Crossmedia Design in Enschede

Eunju Park | BADA-23 | Graphic Design in Arnhem

Felipe Peters | Machão | Graphic Design in Arnhem

Pieter Brouwer | Fernweh | Graphic Design in Zwolle

Fleur Nijhuis | Unraveling the Algorithm | Graphic Design in Arnhem

Selection committee and launch

The selection committee, comprising the Admissions, Disputes, and Advice Council of BNO, guided by the Dd Yearbook editorial team, considered various factors such as the originality of the concept, design choices, execution quality, and the relevance of the subject matter. The Dd Yearbook '23-'24 is slated for a grand launch on December 14, 2023, at the prestigious Nieuwe Instituut.