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July 22, 2022

SPOTTED: finals student Fine Art Stijn van Casteren in NRC

NRC made a series in which the newspaper highlights the 2022 graduation students of the Dutch art academies. In the newspaper of 21 July, attention is paid to Stijn van Casteren, finals student Fine Art at ArtEZ AKI Academy of Art & Design in Enschede.

It all started for Stijn with graffiti, which he believes is an outlet to shape the urban world to his liking. His paintings are a next step. With them, he deals with themes such as violence and a certain transience and detachment from the world.

Stampede (2020) - Stijn van Casteren

Own interpretation

Stijn tells NRC that the viewer can fill in the emotion of the painting themselves: "The friction in the work, loneliness, emptiness or melancholy, everyone experiences. But otherwise everyone has their own view of it." To see Stijn's work, you can visit the city of Enschede, where Stijn will soon make a mural.

Other AKI standouts

At the bottom of the article, AKI students Ina Kodrzycka, Cel Lotgerink and Sterre Arentsen are also listed as standouts from graduation year 2022.

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