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Puk Terstal 1
Puk Terstal

In her art practice, Puk Terstal aims to find the comfort in the discomfort. Through the use of combining her sculptures and her own physical body, she creates a moment or space where boundaries begin to break down. Her sculptures, first acting as extensions, can now be seen as bodies standing on their own.

She captures the moment where 2 are forced to become one.

This evokes the longing to find comfort and ease within a moment of discomfort and disconnect. Whether this goal is reached remains a question.

 Furthermore in her research she focuses on the mental and physical space and most importantly how they can act and react to each other

Her drawings are a search for a physical reaction within herself that captures the feeling she wants her sculptures to transmit. They offer the possibility of experiencing a known shape in a new way, not yet experienced by the use of a line.



‘’For there is no clear boundary to oppose stepping and existing into the other.’’

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