Endperformances socials 2

Endperformances 2021 - Bachelor of Dance

LUX Marienburg 38, Nijmegen
Endperformances socials 2

Getalenteerd, eigenzinnig, gedreven en divers. De studenten van ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance vormen de nieuwe generatie danskunstenaars met een geheel eigen signatuur. De studenten worden opgeleid tot veelzijdige dansers waarbij elk uniek artistiek talent voorop staat. Met deze eindvoorstelling krijgen ze de kans om met talentvolle, nationale en internationale choreografen te werken die bijzondere (nieuwe) creaties maken.

Laat je verrassen en ontdek de toekomst van dans!


It’s Tea Time!
Warm flowers
Blue, purple and pink
Utopia with a secret language

“How long is forever”
“Sometimes it is just one second” - Lewis Carrol

Kachal and Diljá created a timeless and alternative dimension where time and intoxication are their faithful friends.

choreographers: Kachal Blumer and Diljá Sveinsdóttir
dancers: Kachal Blumer and Diljá Sveinsdóttir
music: Pua Nani O Hawaii by Michael Scott and Leimamo Fish, original soundtrack by Eitan Blumer
edited by: Kachal Blumer and Diljá Sveinsdóttir

we’re not quite there yet, but this time it’s okay..
A duet that works around inviting another person inside your space.
Being together in a seperate state.
Being seperate in a shared state.
How can different forces disrupt or support the space.
How do we relate to on another without relating.
I’m sorry for nothing being in your space, I’m apologizing for having a need to relate with you.

choreography: Lander Casier with original dancers (Tessa Spagnoli and Domenik Naue)
dancers: Tessa Spagnoli & Lander Casier
music: Jozef van Wissem & Berlin

Transmotion (dance score)
Originally created for one, Dario Tortorelli translates his choreographic score for a group of young dancers. In this adapted version of Transmotion a succession of movements, inspired by folklore and rites, fluidly evolves in an ever-changing landscape of dancing bodies on stage.

choreographer: Dario Tortorelli / DIVEinD
dancers: Catarina Ferreira da Silva, Melina Loannidou, Elena Janssen, Jill Kupers, Polina Nikolaeva,
Selina Tuijnenburg (understudy Ashley Ho, Yasmine Ho, Domenik Naue).
repetitor: Margarida Constantino
music: Thierry Castel (extract from the performance Transmotion)
costume design: Ben Voorhaar / Karisma Costumes
light design: Bram Allard

My Arms Are Tired

* Warning: strobe lights will be used during this performance 

My Arms Are Tired is a research into Cecilia Moisio’s upcoming piece REVOLT that will premiere at Maas theater en dans in 2021. In 2019 Cecilia won the Dutch Dance Days Young Audience Award for her concept of REVOLT. 

My Arms Are Tired takes a look at activism of young people and the pressure of ‘having to save the world’ as a generation. The piece is inspired on social conformity and how we people flock to and follow one another - in the good and in the bad. How can this generation make their voice heard? How can one stay honest and critical in times of ongoing insecurity and societal pressure and political distress? My Arms Are Tired is a multidisciplinary collage combining theatre, choreography and text into a comment on the state of our society.

concept, direction and choreography: Cecilia Moisio
texts: Cecilia Moisio & Performers 
music: Marlon Penn, Joni Vanhanen, Malvina Raynolds a.o. 
performers: Kachal Blumer, Bianca Casaburi, Lander Casier, Mariona Vinyes Rafols, Tessa Spagnoli, Diljá Svéinsdottir, Adrian Thömmes and Daria Titova
assistant: Rosy Lupiano
rehearsal director: Aryeh Weiner
costumes: Ben Voorhaar
light: Bram Allard

Endperformances 2021
Endperformances 2021




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