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Jazz & Pop
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finals Jazz & Pop Arnhem

Tussen 7 juni en 1 juli 2021 zullen de examenvoorstellingen van de bachelor en masterstudenten van Jazz & Pop Arnhem plaats vinden.

After four years of intense studying at ArtEZ Arnhem, especially in the main subjects of composition for film & theatre and piano, I’m very proud to present the current version of myself as a musician on that special day.
This evening will be full of original music only. An hour and a half full of very different feelings and atmospheres, designed to catapult the viewer into another world, both visually and aurally.
Let yourself be taken on a journey in which a mouse flees from the cook, a little girl carries the great burden of awakening spring and improvised jazz music conveys a feeling of weightlessness.
And all this can be seen and heard live with the following talented musicians:

Marius Lamm: Drums
Leon Milan Kunze: Doublebass/ Electric Bass
Jacob Strecker: Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Leon Dehne: Tenor Saxophone
Marijke Gustorff: Trumpet
Martins Milevskis: Trombone
Benedikt Müller: Electric Guitar
Heiner Güllich: Alto Saxophone
Camilo Bastidas: Tenor Saxophone
Sascha Bergsma: Violin
Maja Prill: Violin
Ellen Preuss: Violin
Celina von Wrochem: Violin
Kim Jäger: Cello
Ilaya Esajas: Flute
Anne de Groot: French Horn
Iris van der Ende: Harp
Luuk van Raalten: Percussion
Mark Boessenkool: Percussion
Margarida Constantino: Choreography & Dance
André Buttler: Conductor

Special thanks to Rein Sprong, Tjerk de Groot, Johan van Loo, Wouter Lorist and Harmen Oudega for inspiring me and helping me out with the 4th location!

Watch live on The 4th Location ArtEZ Academy of Music 

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